Planning the Layout of a Nursing Home

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There are a number of different things to consider when designing a nursing home which does not always focus on the nursing home furniture. Furniture is an important factor in the layout of the home, as the furniture you choose must be comfortable, beneficial and withstand the test of time. Many of the patients living in the hospital are in constant need of care and some are unable to manoeuvre themselves without a lot of pain.

The main reason why a nursing home needs to be designed in such a strict manner is so that the patients can be served for therapeutic and preventive rehabilitation care. These are provided for non acute or long term conditions, with many of these patients being old, frail or bedridden. Some will require canes, walkers or wheelchairs to help them manoeuvre around the area. As the patients are normally in a nursing home for a long period then it makes sense to provide them comfortable surroundings, including comfortable nursing home furniture.

When picking out nursing home furniture there are a few things that one would need to know and this means doing a little bit of research. Each furnishing is designed for specific comfort zones, such as an armchair designed to keep the persons lower back comfortable and protected. Others are designed with an elevated foot rest designed to help with circulation in the legs. Some beds are adjustable and may have a specific kind of mattress designed for those with a bad posture.

Even patients that are residing for a short period and are there for recovery will need to be given the right furnishing to stay in. As with a lot of other nursing homes, the designing can be challenging because there are so many different things to consider and it becomes easy to forget one vital element. As most of the patients are unlikely to leave the premises, it is important to make the home a comfortable world to them as this will be a whole world for them to live in. The furniture you choose must be comfortable and practical.

As long as the home is patient-centred and the primary focus is on patient-care then you should have no problems with keeping the residents happy. Good features of a perfectly run nursing home are a homely environment, high standard od cleanliness and sanitation, and efficiency of space. This is when the space utilised should take into account that distances are reachable and not too difficult to reach to. Travelling between spaces is the biggest problem because many of the residents will find it difficult to even walk across a room. If the furniture is placed in such a way that residents will not find it difficult to manoeuvre around they will feel more at home.

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Planning the Layout of a Nursing Home

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This article was published on 2010/03/19