A Brief Review Of Nursing Homes

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A nursing home is a place where people who require constant nursing care and are incapable of performing their day to day activities are kept. It is a place where elderly or young adults who are mentally and physically challenged are placed and taken care of. Patients who have suffered an illness or had an accident can be provided with necessary nursing care and help in nursing homes. Nursing homes are a cost-effective way of tending the patients who are physically and mentally challenged or in a recovery phase after some accidents or operations.

These residents may suffer from physical or mental conditions or they may simply be weak and old enough not to be able to do activities like bathing, move around, and even have their own meals. Many of these nursing home residents are long-term care patients i.e. they will never be able to recover well enough to carry out their daily activities by themselves. These people will either die in the nursing home or are sent to the hospitals where they will eventually die. Physically challenged people are not able to move, walk, change their own clothes, take a bath, or even go to the toilet. This is what makes it necessary for nurses to take care of them in nursing homes.

Services provided in nursing homes include services of nurses, nursing assistants; physical, occupational and speech therapists; social workers and recreational assistants; and games and other indulging activities. Also, somewhere the nursing homes may provide music and other facilities as well. Care in nursing facilities is provided by nursing assistants.

Medicare covers nursing home services their beneficiaries who are in need of skilled nursing care or rehabilitation services following a hospitalization of at least three consecutive days. Nursing home residents have physical disabilities and require 24-hour care which is provided by various shifts of nurses and nursing assistants.

Nursing homes look very much like hospitals. Staffs are housed in accessible nursing stations. Residents live in hospital-like rooms where they have no privacy at all. They are referred to as patients by the staff. The residents of the nursing home are charged on daily flat rates like in the hospitals. Extra services and supplies that a patient requires are added to the bill.

Overall, Nursing homes provide a place for the physically and mentally ill to recover or complete the rest of their lives before they die.
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A Brief Review Of Nursing Homes

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This article was published on 2010/11/12